Thursday, April 21, 2016


Once upon a time there was a Kingdom where there was no sun and no blue skies. It was always cold and dark outside. Even in the daytime it was very gloomy and it always looked like it was going to rain. They even tried to light candles and light their lanterns but they would just go out. Such sadness, even the children cried themselves to sleep in the village because they could not tell if it was day or night. They could not even play with their friends because it was so dark out they would not be able to find their way home. Sadness reigned everywhere.
The King and Queen prayed every night for a miracle to happen. The King and Queen loved each other so much they wanted to have children but they were scared because they did not want their children to be sad like the children in the village.
One night the King and Queen had a dream that the village and the Kingdom shined brightly and everyone was happy and even the children were playing and laughing. Well, the King and Queen jumped out of bed and said, "I dreamed our village was beautiful and the skies were blue and the sun was shining and the children and their families were so happy that they all cried happy tears!" The King and Queen looked at each other and smiled. Something they have not done for many years. So they decided to have children. The first child born was a prince and they named him Mighty KJ. Then they had a little girl and Named her Princess Kaylynn. They were so happy! When Mighty KJ was 6 and Princess Kaylynn 3, they saw that the gray skies started to lighten and the rain had stopped.
They realized their children had very special powers; love and happiness. So they decided to go into the village. As they did, they noticed something they had never seen children do. They were bringing love and happiness to the villagers and their Kingdom. Every place they went the skies started to change to blue. Then, they saw all the villagers' children and the children were jumping and laughing and the parents were singing to each other with joy and they came and started to run beside the carriage where the King and Queen were along with Mighty KJ and Princess Kaylynn, shouting " Mighty KJ and Princess Kaylynn, "Thank you for bringing us blue skies!".
Then after riding through all the villages and the whole Kingdom the sun appeared and brought happiness to everyone! And down to this day the sun shines on the villages and they named their Kingdom "The Sunshine Village" because of the two children Mighty KJ and Princess Kaylynn, and no one was ever sad again. And every time they look at the sun they think of the 2 precious children Mighty KJ and Princess Kaylynn.
The end.
Author: Kari-Lynn Thomas

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