Friday, February 28, 2014



When life gives you a flat tire, make a tire swing


What a night on thursday got a flat tire on the way home from

 the meeting hit a bad 

pothole could not see it on route 10. Waited for AAA and they

 told us it would take 45 minutes, Wow does it ever stop for 

us, well he showed up in 20 minutes.  Yea!!!!!!!

NO! Erics car went to start it friday morning and guess what 

the car battery is totally dead. 

Jumped by Ernie's towing said they could 

replace the battery for a AAA battery and it has a 6 yr 

warranty with it! Great right, so the

 guy replaced it brought me my keys signed the papers. 

Great right, NOPE went to use the

 car last night and guess what it was dead the lights came on

 but it would not turn over.

 Well the guy never reset the key so it would not start up. So 

what did I do I called and they

 said there was nothing they could do because no one is on to

 fix it that is certified so I

 would have to wait until tomorrow. 

I was so mad I went into the bathroom and screamed my head 

off to let off the frustration. 

Ok I feel a little better now. 

Poor Eric K he is wondering what is going on with mom. He

 said mom I get it. So cute.


Hubby just says to calm down. Now if you know this you

never tell a women to calm down

 when she is upset you are better off just to be quiet. 


Anyway I said I can do this. So I googled it and found

 how to reset the key and guess what? I DID IT!!!!!!!! what a


my husband says you would do good out in the frontier how 

sweet is that. 

But it is never a dull moment with us.

 Now we have to fight with the town to pay for the tire and rim

 hope that the back rim is

 not bent as well. 


I am tired so tired. Well I am going to bed. 

Hope to have a better day tomorrow or should I say today.

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