Friday, June 7, 2013

Emmanuel and his cats

Boy if we could bottle up this energy

High Jump

Today my husband is getting ready for Nilsa's memorial 

talk for this evening.  He visited Emmanuel this morning 

and he is doing well.  Knowing what he has been through he

does not have to worry about housing.  For a young man who 

is 21 and who just lost his mom who was 53, he is very strong

 and level headed.  My husband met his two cats today and 

he said they were a trip.  Chasing each other all around the 

house and one of them jumped up on my husband and sunk

 his claws into his leg.  They are just kittens with a lot of 

energy.  Which is good because they keep Emmanuel busy.  I 

am so looking forward to seeing Emmanuel tonight and 

giving him a big motherly hug.  I am only 3 years younger 

than Nilsa and I have a 11 year old.  You always look at 

life differently when you have children of your own.

(these are not his actual cats)

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