Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What a day today.  I had surgery last wed on my tongue.  From having cancer cells related to secondhand smoke.  And I am still in pain today.  It is awful.  I wish there was no such thing as cigarettes.  Who would've thought you could get something like this from someone else. I took pain killers to dull the pain and they took the pain away but I feel so sick to my stomach from them.  This really stinks.  And not only that but my dog died after having her for 16 years.  What a week. I was hoping this week would've been better.  I am looking forward to the day where there won't be anymore pain or addictions.  But at least I have my Crocheting to look forward to, thank goodness for that.  I hope everyone's day is better than mine.  Kari-Lynn

Well tomorrow is a new day.  I go to the doc's to find out how my tongue is doing and if I have anymore cancer cells in my mouth.  Oh Joy.

Bu I have to say I have an awesome hubby and son and we have our other little dog Cooper who is so cute and affectionate.

We love our Cooper

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  1. :-( I'm so sorry it was a bad day for you, Kari...I wasn't having such a great one myself! And I have a doctor's appointment this morning too!!...Give me a call later. I'm praying for you my friend!! ♥