Friday, April 5, 2013

Sad, Sad day for our family :=(

Annabelle Button Fame

we are missing her already our baby girl of 16 years we loved her so much.

Today what a day for me and my family oh my, oh my.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Let me tell you about my day.

Well it goes like this :  

Woke up this morning with my poor hubby having one of his bad bad nose bleeds.  We finely got it to stop.  Then my hubby put our little yorkie outside to use the potty.  Time kept going by and I am wondering where is our little Yorkie Annabelle?  There she was outside trying to go #2 and she was crying and grunting poor thing I felt so bad for her.  She started bleeding poor baby girl.  Annabelle was 16 years old yes she passed today.  

Our baby of 16 years.  Then we had to wait to let our son know when he got home.  He took it hard but he is ok.  At least we have our other Doggy who is Cooper.  Of course we all cried and are heartbreaking.  But at least she is no longer in pain. 

 But Cooper sure is missing her he is crying looking for her.  Poor baby boy.  
Me I am recovering from surgery on my tongue had cancer cells removed.  It has been hard to talk.  But I am doing better than I thought I would.  I had to have and inch and a half taken off my underside of my tongue.  No stitches Doc just cauterized it.  So it not only got cut it is also burned.  So it will be a little while before I am completely healed.  I will tell you when it rains it pours like they say.  But ...................

I have such awesome friends.  I called my friend and what did I get, comfort.  What a relief it is when you can count on dear friends.  I love you all!

Then later on during the day we get a car pulling into the driveway and here she comes knocking.  It was a bouquet of flowers from Jane.  How sweet is that!  Thank you Jane.

My hubby is doing much better no nose bleeds since this morning, hopefully it will stay like that.

Our son is doing better and is sleeping soundly.  Thank goodness.  Hopefully no nightmares.

My hubby made me supper tonight.  A baked potato with cheese mixed in so I can eat it slowly and still have protein.  What a sweetheart.  Love you honey!  We go many calls today asking how I am doing since my surgery on Wednesday. 

 We got a call tonight and we are getting home cooked meals for the next two days.  How sweet and loving our congregation is.   Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.  Now I am feeling better it always so wonderful to have good friends. And a sweet and wonderful family.   Love you


  1. Oh was a rough day for you! :-( I'm so glad that you're being so well taken care of though! :-) "Good job!" to your hubby for what sounds like a good dinner too! :-) ... I hope tomorrow is better for you, my friend! Love Ya.

  2. It is awesome to hear that you are healing, we are so sorry to hear about Annabelle. We pray for your quick recovery and hope for no more blood flow for your hubby's nose :)) We miss you guys and hope to be able to visit you guys again soon. It is a loving provision to have a beautiful spiritual family we can count on, Pro 17:17. Love you guys! From our family to yours.