Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where a Dog can't even take a lick

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I started crocheting when I was a young girl. Well if you would call it that back then, it was hilarious, of course at the time it was not. All I could do was yes that simple chain. Oh could I make a chain! But that was it. Of course it is not as if I or anyone else could concentrate with 9 other brothers and sisters in the home. You know what it’s like when you are at a loud concert can’t hear yourself think. Well that was me. You should have seen when we all sat down to eat supper at night; my mom would say you are a bunch of vultures. But today I say: we ate everything on our plate “where a dog can't even take a lick”. 
And guess what folks yes I am the oldest. So you know how it goes with the oldest, here comes bossy mommy 2 of course you can’t help it because you are considered the responsible one. So I just put my hook away for a long while. Until we got married, I told my husband to be that I did not want to go to work but wanted to be a stay at home mom. He felt the same way which it has been that way ever since. You could say he spoils me. My husband would probably say that is an understatement. But don’t all of us women deserve that? I think so. ;-)
Anyway, I really got into crafts of all kinds. But I just could not seem to gravitate to any particular one until we wanted a baby. Well we tried and tried and we could not get pregnant. I am thinking what is up with this. My sister and brothers could spit them out like rabbits. So for 7 years we tried with a lot of tears and pain. So I said, well not meant to be and the doc’s said we could not have any children. So I took some cosmetology courses and then 9/1/2011 came and I guess with all the tears and pain we all shed I found out that I was pregnant. Talk about happy and scared at the same time. So we were married almost 10 years, 2 days shy of our anniversary we had our beautiful son. So I started to pick up crocheting again. I made a lot of scarves. It was so funny because I did not know you were supposed to count your stitches, you should of seen the way the scarves turned out always lop sided and could not figure out why. Until I met this wonderful women, my friend Debbie, who took the time to teach me. We would laugh until our bellies hurt. Once I learned the right way to crochet, off I went and never stopped. I would make scarves like they were going out of style and give them away. Until someone said you should sell your scarfs. So here I am today With my shop: Kari-Lynn's Kumfort

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  1. I just saw this, Kari!!!! :-) Very nice!! Now I'll be looking for more!! ^_^